Con Artist 

Gallery Label 

Con Artist Collective is a New York City art gallery that provides communal work space for local artist to use while creating their work as well as host monthly gallery exhibitions of their members.

Print Design
Client Project


Since Con Artist Collective holds monthly themed exhibitions of their members' works, they wanted to have their own official stamp to mark works that have been shown in their gallery space. I had to design a gallery label that include the Con Artist Collective logo, name, website with an indicator and space for the exhibition date to be written out. 

Design Process 

I research and drew inspiration from the designs of stamps, seals, medals and labels. I mocked up several drafts of different arrangements of the elements required along with  varying shapes and lines.

After reviewing the  first round of iterations with my supervisor, I made a several more iterations of the preferred design, which was design B and E.

Once again, I reviewed the new designs with my supervisor and was given feedback to take fourth design and tweet the thickness of the lines for my final iterations.