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Color Press

is a conceptual interactive site build upon the relationship between typing and color. The color of the type and background are always changing with every key press. User experience varies upon speed of typing.



To create an experience based off of chat-bots, where it response to user's interaction. I want to experiment with color, randomization and to keep the typing aspect and user interaction simple.

Design Process

I wanted to chose a typeface that was simple and didn't have too much personality, since I want the color to be the main focus. I chose a wide range of colors that compliment one another. The colors are meant to be soothing because the colors will be constantly changing as long as the user continues to interact with the site.

Final Product


No two experience will be the same

The letters and background are filled will randomization of colors. The color is constantly changing as key presses are made.


Sensitivity to the intensity of the press of a button

The harder you press, the more opaque the color appears in the background for the moment the key is pressed.


A curated color palette to compliment each other

12 different colors were carefully selected to provide a harmonious web experience, no matter which colors are picked at random.

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