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is an interactive website that focus on the idea of sustainability, environmental impact and decision making.There are specific locations around the world that were selected to represent the expansive effects that individual's decisions have greater impacts.



To make a website focus on environmental change and human behaviors. I also want the site to be interactive and allows users to learn and disclose information at their own pace. I want the information presented to be not text heavy, instead have it focus on visuals and color.

Design Process & Decisions

I researched about different locations that could be featured in the site, as well as what characteristics of each place should be focused on. I made spread sheets of all the data I collected. I wanted to the site to have color and live.I knew color would be an important aspect of this website, so I did color studies to find the best colors to represent each environment as well as that complimentary to each other. I also kept the idea of circular forms in mind to represent the concept of unity and connection.

Final Product

The site is split into three main sections


The landing page and table of content

Gives you a summary and informs you about what is to come in the site

Link Environments

Shows you a network graph and how all the places are connects, with the ability to learn about the environmental changes that have occurred in the past 20 years by hovering over the circles.


Data & Your Choices 

A radar graph that provides specific data points about the annual changes. Each location has three characteristics that were chosen, to show the changes it has gone through. As well as a small section, where there is a question asking about personal opinions and the graphs will update accordingly.

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