Traveling should be easy going and enjoyable. But sometimes it's stressful, overpriced, generic and lacking hospitality. Locally makes traveling more personal.

Mobile App
UX Research
Interface Design
Personal Project

Locally is platform that connects travelers with local residents of the area to create new experiences together. Vacation should be easy going and enjoyable. It can be stressful planning activities to do on your vacation, when the destination is unfamiliar.


User Interviews

I conducted a survey and asked individuals who travel frequently and I asked them the following questions:

  • What type of traveler are you? 
  • How do you chose what to do in a new place?
  • Do you enjoy being a tourist and letting someone take lead?
  • When a friend visits, do you like playing tour guide?
  • Have you ever booked a tour guide? What's your experience like?
  • What do you hate the most about traveling to a new area?


To design a dual interface app, to serve those who travel to a new place and for those who enjoy sharing new experiences with newcomers.   

Design Decisions

I chose colors that complimented each other and were as well as were bubbly and bright. Also kept in mind to have legible colors for reading. And chose sans serifs that had subtle differences to disguish heierachy.

Final Product

Connects People 

Together the platform connects people who want new experiences in new areas and people who want to share their love and interest in their area

Endless Possibilities

There is a large variety of personal tours, anywhere from adventurous hike to a pottery class. And there's the opportunity to create your own tours and share your favorite parts of their neighborhood.

Clear Communication

Essential information is always initially provided and further information could be exchanged, which ensures a smooth experience 
User Flow:
Local Guide's Perspective (left) and Traveler's Perspective (right)

Insights & Takeaways

  • After prototyping and conducting user testing, I learned that in this application people would like the option to be both user types and have the ability to switch and manage the two accounts.

  • In addition, feedback I got back was about keeping certain elements consistent throughout the app. Such as there should only be one profile picture size and have less variation as well as keeping the home page from the traveler's perspective the same, before and after using the filter feature.

  • From this personal project, I learned that attention to detail is crucial to create direct and short flows for certain actions to be done quickly and smoothly.