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Parsons Benefit

Parsons Benefit 2020 Invitation welcome and inform individuals to the annual fashion show that is held to honor Parsons' student works. It should provide important information for the event as well as represent the fun, exciting and new pieces being shown.


Final design submission

I had the opportunity to be work along side the Marketing and Communications Department within The New School for Parsons Benefit 2020's marketing material through the University Design Studio at Parsons School of Design. Parsons Benefit is an annual fashion show that highlights student work and celebrates their accomplishments.


To design an invitation that was energetic and playful to get people excited about the event. A few themes the department told us to keep in mind was fashion, design, innovation, sustainability and retail.


I provided three different designs and after first round of presentations, we chose to move forwards with the yellow and pink split design.


Final designs for email invitation and web banner.

** the final design wasn't selected for The New School for Parsons Benefit 2020, just a submission**

** I do not owe the photos used in the designs*

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