Parsons Benefit 2020 Invitation

is meant to welcome individuals to the annual fashion show that is held to honor Parsons' student works. It should provide important information for the event as well as represent the fun, exciting and new pieces being shown.

Web & Print
Client Project

I had the opportunity to be work along side the Marketing and Communications Department  within The New School for Parsons Benefit 2020 through the University Design Studio at Parsons School of Design. Parsons Benefit is an annual fashion show that highlights student work and celebrates their accomplishments. 


Brand Guidelines & Requirements

For the invitation, there were brand guidelines of The New School that needed to be followed, this included specific typeface as well as a specific red. Along with the typeface and color palette, expectation and deliverables were explained. The department wanted an invitation that would be attached to the emails sent out as well as a web banner for the website.

Both deliverables have the same required text that would provide details about the event. We were provided a photo archive of student works that could be included in our invitation design. And they requested that the photos used would be featuring the students' work and not focusing on features of the model, specifically the face.


To design an invitation that was energetic and playful to get people excited about the event. A few themes the department told us to keep in mind was fashion, design, innovation, sustainability and retail.

I made three different designs using photos of students' works, maintaining brand guidelines and the required text.

Feedback with Iterations

After presenting my three designs, I got comments and suggestions about their likes and dislikes. Overall, there was preference of Design C. But there were other aspects from Design A they liked and asked if I could apply them to Design C. Such as having the text of Parsons Benefit span out wider as well as making the date of May 18 more legible.

Moving forward I made different iterations of Design C. I played with the photos in the background and how they're aligned and stitched together as well as their cropping. I tested out different arrangements and sizing of Parsons Benefit, May 18 and 2020. And although there was no comment about the photos used as negative space around Parsons Benefit, I was also testing different colored photos.

Final Product

For a second round of design, I was able to get feedback on what exactly they liked for the cropping of photos, the color of the negative space around the text as well as the arrangement of the on the invitation. With the finalized design for the invitation featured in the email, I had to translate the design into a web banner for the website. 

For the web banner, the dimensions are different compared to the email invitation, but it requires the same set of text. I played around and focused on arrangements of elements on the page because I decided to use the same photos of the students' work. I make two versions of what the web banner could be.

Email Invitation

Web Banners