Welcome to Social Credit

WIRED'S article, Inside China's Vast New Experiment in Social Ranking speaks about the new social credit system rising in China through the lens of a  student returning home from his university studies in the United States. I redesigned the web experience to be more personal to the story being told.

Responsive Web 
Web Design
Personal Project


To redesign the original WIRED article and to make it fit more of the storytelling profile. Since the article is from a first person experience, it reminds me of autobiography and memoirs. I want to bring traditional book qualities into the web reading experience.

Design Decisions

The colors are inspired by China's flag colors and lean towards a more dull and earth tone to refer to the concept of old books and storytelling. The sans serif typeface was chosen for legible and is classic type without having too much personality in it.

Color Palette
Social Rate Color type.png


The redesign of the original article refers to a traditional book format with a cover, title page and chapters.

China Social Flow.png

Final Product

Interactive homepage to prime users

The homepage allows users to play with the concept of ranking, by making them choose a rating out of five stars before being introduced to the article and entering into the site.

Dividing the story into chapters

The redesign allows for the body of story to have structure through the division of sections, while keeping  it as a single scroll with a progress bar at the top of the page.

Moving images to compliment to the story

A selection of illustrations and images have been chosen and rearranged, alongside the original text from WIRED. The movement of the imagery correlates with the scroll of the text.